Why Bitcoin Matters

Marc Andreessen, Founder/Partner Andreessen Horowitz. Previous: Founder/CEO Netscape

January 21st, 2014

The man who wrote Netscape and now runs one of Silicon Valley’s most notable venture-capital funds describes why bitcoin is important, starting in broad terms and delving into many of the details. Read it here.

The Internet of Money

Naval Ravikant, Founder/CEO Angellist

November 7th, 2013

If you want a hint of what the excitement surrounding “Bitcoin 2″ is all about, read this post. Naval outlines how revolutionary “programmable money” is, and how that leads to smart contracts, distributed markets, and more. Read it here.

Digital Currency and the Arc of the Internet

Jeremy Allaire, Founder/CEO Circle Internet Financial. Previous: Founder/CEO

October 30th, 2013

Another proven talented tech entrepreneur, Jeremy phrases bitcoin as a revolution in money akin to the internet’s revolution in communication. Based on an open protocol that allows transfer of value, anywhere, at near-zero cost, bitcoin does for money what the internet does for information. Read it here.